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The content on Medium is changing. Here's how to change with it.

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Posting on multiple platforms feels like cheating, but it's not!

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Republishing your content is so effective it feels like cheating.

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  • Just in case your platform pulls a Facebook, and you lose your content. It's always good to have a backup.

Content Creation

Value is the currency the top 1 percent of creators use.

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Bullet writing is the easiest and most effective way to draft an article.

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A Tip From My Psychology Class

The assignment was simple…

A hack I learnt from my psychology class

  • If we could break down the essay to each individual premise (whole idea) then we’ve achieved the task.
  • It was tough but as soon as it was done, we were left with a stack of bullet points that was…

When your life isn’t going the right way, you have the power to change course

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Let's give back to writers instead of Medium.

Yaqoob ahmad

Recording my past. Documenting my process. And creating my future.

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